Current Interns

Chris Carawan

Chris is currently studying Entrepreneurship at Liberty University studying and will be graduating May of 2022.

A previous internship that Chris held was for the Liberty Student Asset Management Fund (SAM). During his time with SAM he learned how to fully understand where a company and its stock stands, whether it is worth buying or not through industry research, financial analysis, and valuation. 


Some things that Chris enjoys doing is playing basketball and skating.



Sasha Pasmanik


Sasha is currently studying Computer Science and Finance at University of Virginia and will be graduating in 2025.


Previously he held an internship at Capital One where he worked on a case study that provided financial support to small businesses in underserved communities.

Shasha enjoys playing soccer and piano. His favorite soccer player is Lionel Messi.
Ethan Burke
Ethan is currently studying at the George Mason School of Business for a B.S. in financial planning.
His hobbies include programming, working out, and chess. A fun fact about Ethan is that his favorite food is garlic shrimp pasta.
Andrew Jones
Andrew is a first-year student at the University of Virginia studying economics and statistics.
He has previously worked as a private debate coach and regional manager for Tristate Fireworks.
Andrew enjoys basketball, reading, collecting watches, and playing video games.